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For twenty years, IARSLCE has been known to thousands of scholars as a network that has helped to consolidate the value of service-learning and community engagement for our understanding of the world and communities and has helped to launch the careers of many brilliant publicly engaged researchers. The annual conference has served as the venue for scholars to network and many have gone on to partner on research that has been crucial to the development of the publicly-engaged scholarship.

IARSLCE is the only international organization whose expressed primary purpose is to cultivate, encourage, and present research across all engagement forms and educational levels; and it fulfills its mission by embracing all research frameworks (e.g., positivist, interpretive, participatory, critical, etc.), methods (e.g., qualitative, quantitative, mixed, etc.), and approaches (e.g., basic, applied, action, engaged, evaluation, etc.). The Association promotes high quality transdisciplinary research across a wide range of approaches and forms and builds the capacity of scholars, practitioners, and community partners to engage in such research.

In this post-COVID world, IARSLCE is taking the time to de-center the focus on the annual conference as the primary focus of the association’s work and to embrace the long-standing value of IARSLCE as an important network to build the capacity of SLCE scholars that not only create knowledge, but impact policy as well.

The Benefits of IARSLCE Membership

  • Be a part of a diverse network of scholars from across the globe and across the disciplines; both demographic and intellectual diversity are key values of IARSLCE;
  • Connect with Publicly Engaged Scholarship leaders that continuously strive to keep the field current, such as the agenda-setting work that will have an impact on the next 10 years and beyond;
  • Access to IARSLCE publications such as IJRSLCE, the IARSLCE blog, and the IARSLCE newsletter;
  • Opportunities to network and build with other scholars on IARSCLE committees;
  • Be eligible to serve on the IARSLCE Board of Directors; 
  • Stand for nomination to awards and recognitions;
  • Invitations to IARSLCE-developed webinars and other professional development opportunities;
  • Discounted IARSLCE conference registration.

Due to the current global health crisis, IARSLCE membership special pricing is as follows:

  • U.S. Based Member:  $100
  • Non-US Member:  $50
  • Student Member:  $50
  • Retired Member:  $50
  • Community-based Nonprofit Organizations: $50