Annual Research Conference

The annual IARSLCE conference is a scholarly venue to disseminate new knowledge on service-learning and community engagement. The focus of presentations, symposia, and keynotes is on research incorporating a variety of theoretical methodologies and perspectives. The conference also serves as a gathering place for networking and association business meetings for members. A significant component of the conference is the mentoring of graduate students and new faculty members interested in advancing their own research agendas in this field.

July 2022 Message from the Board

The IARSLCE annual conference has provided members a space to exchange ideas, emerging themes and new perspectives in our field as well as opportunities for scholars in the field to disseminate cutting-edge research. These gatherings have helped to promote the field of service-learning and community engagement and have provided vital spaces for connection and collaboration.

Considering the recent upheavals that have fundamentally transformed the sociopolitical context and the communities in which we work, the IARSLCE Board has reflected on the following questions: How does the current work happening in our field reflect or address these changes?  What are the critical questions we need to be asking? And how can we come together to advance the field with relevant and timely research that promotes equity, access, and social justice?

It is precisely these questions that led the IARSLCE Board to decide that in lieu of a conference this fall, we will use this season to host regional gatherings with all members to discuss prevalent and emerging research priorities and to hear how that data is connected to the work you are doing in your own communities. Building on the momentum of previous gatherings and the current climate around SLCE research, we will use the IARSLCE board retreat in October to design a new framework for identifying global trends and gaps in our knowledge. This framework will guide the regional conversations and allow us to draw upon your insights and experiences to collectively establish a research agenda for the field. These world-wide discussions will not only seed research collaborations; they will also directly inform the theme and direction of our Fall 2023 in-person conference. Invitations to participate in virtual and in-person discussions will go out following the IARSLCE Board Retreat. We believe that weaving together your experiences and perspectives with global research trends in our field will produce a vibrant and productive Fall 2023 conference. We look forward to your participation in the coming months.