IJRSLCE Editorial Team: Call for Applications and Nominations

The Scholarship and Publications Committee of the International Association for Research on Service-Learning and Community Engagement (IARSLCE) is inviting applications and nominations for four positions on the Editorial Team of the International Journal of Research on Service-Learning and Community Engagement (IJRSLCE). These non-paid positions are Associate Editor, Section Co-editor (two positions), and Production Editor. Appointments to the Editorial Team will be effective from the first Monday of January 2022, and the length of appointment will vary by position.


Associate Editor

As a future Co-editor of IJRSLCE, the Associate Editor learns the ins and outs of the editorial process; assists the Co-editors with editing manuscripts; and assists with quality control by reviewing the online content—Journal issues and associated webpages. The term of service is two years, followed by three years as IJRSLCE Co-editor.

Section Co-Editors

Section Co-editors manage the peer-review process—assignment of manuscripts to peer reviewers; communication with peer reviewers and authors; and decision-making with the Journal Co-editors. The term of service is six years

Section Co-editor: Community Partnerships and Impacts
Section Co-editor: Faculty Roles and Institutional Issues

Production Editor

The primary purpose of this position is to maintain the Journal’s associated webpages and manage the online formatting of the Journal’s content. The Production Editor also assists with technical editing of manuscripts (i.e., formatting/conversion to PDF) and handles the posting of articles in each issue of the Journal. The term of service is two years.


Although applications are preferred, nominations made be made as well. Applications are submitted by candidates and are due by December 1, 2021. Nominations are submitted by others and are due by November 1, 2021. A complete application/nomination will include (1) a letter outlining the candidate’s qualifications and interest and(2) a CV highlighting the candidate’s research/scholarship and publications. The letter and CV should be emailed to the Scholarship and Publications Committee, c/o IARSLCE Executive Director Tara Luparello at [email protected]. Initial inquiries may be made to Committee Co-chair/IJRSLCE Co-editor Glenn Bowen at [email protected].

IJRSLCE Call for Peer Reviewers

The International Journal of Research on Service-Learning and Community Engagement (IJRSLCE) has an open call for peer reviewers.

Peer reviewers play an essential role in ensuring that the articles published in the journal reflect high-quality research. IJRSLCE follows a double-blind review process: the manuscript author and reviewer remain anonymous to each other throughout the review process. Reviewers are asked to evaluate the manuscript based on set criteria and to make publishing recommendations, which go to the Editors for the final decision.

If you are interested in being considered, please submit a short (1- to 2-paragraph) statement describing your qualifications and area(s) of expertise, along with your CV, to the IJRSLCE Coeditors: Glenn A. Bowen, [email protected], and Jessica Mann, [email protected]




IJRSLCE is a peer-reviewed online journal published annually by IARSLCE.