Alliance of Engaged Universities and Colleges

The purpose of the Alliance of Engaged Universities and Colleges is two-fold: to create an opportunity for highly engaged institutions to directly support the important research, publications, and other programs of IARSLCE and for the Association to provide such universities and colleges with targeted services designed to help them build institutional capacity and advance their engagement missions.

 The fee to participate in the Alliance is $1,000 per year. 

Participating institutions will enjoy the following benefits:

▪ Alliance university/college logo’s will be published on the IARSLCE website

▪ Unlimited $100 discounts on individual IARSLCE conference registrations for all Alliance university/college faculty, staff, students, and community partners to extend the scholarly, capacity-building, and other benefits of conference participation to greater numbers of people

▪ 100% discount on one exhibitor table at the IARSLCE conference for each Alliance university/college to distribute information to participants and elevate their institutional visibility within the Association

▪ Alliance universities/colleges will receive one 1-2 hour institutional consultation with a paired team of experienced scholars and practitioners drawn from the IARSLCE board directors

▪ Leaders of the representative units of alliance universities/colleges will be invited to periodic special webinars for institutional executives

▪ Alliance universities/colleges will receive two seats at the capacity-building Practitioner Scholars Forum at the annual IARSLCE conference

2021 Alliance Members:

2020 Alliance Members: